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My First Parasite Cleanse (part 1)

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I started a parasite cleanse this weekend.

In this video I share what I’m up to and why! No, I do not have confirmed parasites - but I do love sushi & kissing the dog soooo I probably don’t *not* have parasites either...

That’s the beauty of herbal medicine - plants can support us where we need it most, without much risk or side effects like those from modern chemical medications.

The thought of parasites and worms seriously disgusts me, and so I feel like this cleanse will also give me peace of mind just by knowing that I’m making an effort to help my gut flora get rid of what doesn’t belong.

What are your thoughts on parasites?

Do we love or hate this subject?

Thanks so much for following along with my crazy antics - I’ll post a follow-up soon!


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