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Caffeine without the Crash (aka Fat-Fueled Coffee)

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Whatever your caffeine is mixed with determines how quickly it will be absorbed into your blood stream. A black cup of coffee is basically just caffeine suspended in water. This requires very little digestive energy and is absorbed quickly through the gut wall. This effectively goes straight to the dome all at once, but also disappears all at once, leaving you with that WTF feeling a little while later.

Enter: the Healthy Fats, who require time and metabolic energy to be broken down and absorbed into the blood stream. Incorporating dietary fat to your daily coffee/tea ritual will smooth the arch of caffeine in the blood stream, taking longer to digest and allowing a slow and steady drip of caffeine into your system. It’s basically like there is a Fat bouncer holding the Caffeine molecules in line outside of the blood stream, creating a more enjoyable & manageable flow into the party. I’m currently obsessed with blending our coffee with coconut butter, grass fed collagen protein, almond milk and a little pink sea salt. (So amazing but dense- this is definitely like a “meal” and holds me over for a few hours). Other fats to consider blending into your morning cup include coconut oil, grass fed butter and heavy cream. ☕️♥️



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