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Hi, I'm Hannah!


I am a Holistic Health Coach and Integrative Movement  Specialist who is passionate about educating people on the power of nutrition, lifestyle, and circadian rhythm in order to optimize their wellness and live their dreams.

I specialize in time-tested nutritional philosophies that are backed by modern science, as well as musculoskeletal evaluations and training techniques that are designed to bring both the physical and energetic bodies into alignment. 

I warmly offer personalized one-on-one coaching tailored to your individual needs and goals. Contact me to schedule a discovery call!


Individualized Assessments

Image by Brooke Lark

Primal Pattern and
Ancestral Diet Type

This assessment determines your "Primal Pattern" based off of your ancestry and your metabolic type. This  evaluation is designed to determine the optimal ratio of carbs (plant foods) to fats + protein  (animal foods) for your body's specific needs.

Image by Brittney Weng

Nutrition & Lifestyle 

This powerful and insightful questionnaire is a comprehensive assessment that shines light on seven different areas of wellness. We use your health scores to determine which categories to focus on first, and after 6-8 weeks we reassess and adjust your unique program as progress is made. 

Image by Jeremy Thomas

Postural Analysis

In this hands-on assessment, I guide you through different exercises and physical evaluations to discover musculoskeletal and postural imbalances in the body. Using your unique measurements, I design a personalized stretching, mobilizing, and exercise program to bring your physical body into alignment.


1 Love
defining your purpose, your dreams, and your "why"
2 Forces
balancing yin/yang, feminine/masculine, rest/work
3 Choices
your options: optimal, sub-optimal, and indifferent
4 Doctors
Dr. Diet, Dr. Quiet,
Dr. Movement, Dr. Happiness

My unique approach promotes...

renewed energy, mental clarity, muscle growth, improved sleep, lasting weight loss, and freedom from restrictive diets

Image by Patrick Schneider
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